Rain making

Vancouver has a gloomy winter. We have almost non-stop rain fall from October till April. To make us more depressing, the unusual sunshine often come during the weekday when everyone is trapped inside the office. I have an idea that will make Vancouver winter more bearable. We can use rain making to shift sunshine from weekdays to weekends. The technology is rain making already available. In fact, China has been using rain making technique to control rain fall for decades. One of the best example of human triumph over the environment is how China control rain falls during the Beijing Olympics last year.

The principle of rain making is fairly simple. Spray silver iodide or dry ice into the atmosphere and water module will attract to the particles and form rain clouds. We can create rain clouds during the weekday to give us a sunny weekend. Silver iodide can spray from a plane or shoot up to sky using rockets. The Vancouver city government should consider rain making as a public service. We can save money by outsourcing the work to high school science project. Imagine if each high school student build a rain making rocket, there will be enough rocket to give us sunshine every weekend.

Rain making has no environment concerns, since rain eventually will falls without human innervation. The total amount of rain fall does not change over a long period of time, we are just making it rain at a more convenient time. The first step is to control rain falls, the next step is to find ways to control temperatures. If we can make rains fall on Friday at 4-5C on Friday in Vancouver, then Saturday would be the perfect ski day with sunshine and soft powder snow in Whistler.

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