How to build a small table (part 1)

I am half way into my wood working class. My small table slowly comes into shape. I finally caught up with my mistakes and rebuild the two pieces that are too short. I am the fastest student in the class with everything ready to go. Since I am leading the class, the instructor usually uses my pieces and me for demonstration. He inspected all my pieces and I have got one on one teaching time. I bought my camera the class tonight and here is a step by step photo guide on how to a small table.

1. Here is a piece of raw lumber bought from wood suppliers. All the edges are rough and unfinished.

2. Use the radiant saw cut the lumber to rough length plus 1/2″ margin.

3. Use the jointer and joint two flat surface width a 90 degree edge.

4. Use the table saw to cut the piece to rough width plus 1/2″ margin

5. Use the planner to plan the piece to the exact width and height

6. Use the miter saw to cut the piece to the exact length

7. Drill dowel holes

8. Dry fit the pieces

9. Glue the table top together and hold it tight with cramps

10. Sand the pieces to remove burn marks, pencil marks and smooth the surface

11. Before and after sanding

I have done 5 classes and there are 3 more to go. I am not too worry about my progress. I have confidence I can finish my table in class. The remaining tasks are assemble the legs with the table top, build the drawers, more sanding and paint the table to give it a finishing touch.

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