How to build a small table (part 2)

After eight week of wood working class, I have built my first table. After going through all the steps and trouble from raw lumber to a finished furniture, I appreciate all different kinds of furniture made available by modern manufacturing process. I can’t imagine how much time it will take if I have to build all my furniture myself. The cost of the wood and tools I bought plus my time, cost a lot more than the price I pay at a furniture store for a similar table.

Due to the lack of cost efficiency, I probably won’t take up wood working as a hobby, but I must confess that seeing the finishing product gives me a sense of satisfaction. I think wood working is a must-have skill for the man of the house, it the basic of home maintenance. My wood working skill also gives me better eyes in telling the quality of furniture. If I need a piece of unique special purpose furniture that is ridiculously expensive, I know I can always build it myself.

Here is the second half of my table building experience. Please see part 1 for steps 1 to 11.

12. Sand the table top to make it a really smooth surface

13. Glue the legs, sides and back pieces. Hold the shape with bar cramps.

14. Drill packet hole for mounting the top and bottom

15. Screw in the bottom piece

16. The table frame is finish

17. Cut the groove for the drawer bottom.

18. Assemble the draw with counter sink screws

19. Counter sink screws sinks into the wood to leave a flush surface

20. Cut wood plugs to cover the counter sink holes

21. Glue the plug, saw off the top and sand it flat.

22. Fasten the drawer rail with counter sink screw

23. Fasten the drawer front with bubble screw and washer

24. Slide in the drawer and the table is done!

Here is some lessons I learn what not to do in wood working

1. Don’t put much force onto the power screw driver, otherwise the wood will crack

2. Don’t drill too close to the edge or using a too large drill head, otherwise the wood will crack

3. Don’t twist the drill, otherwise the drill bit will snap.

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  2. Thanks a lot for sharing your table building experiences. Great photos and steps. Plus the stories you can tell when friends come visiting will worth the time and energy you put in. 🙂 Not everything can be measured in “cost efficiency”.

    Now, what is the dimensions of the table? I don’t know if it is the camera, the table seem to be very very tall compare to its size (table surface).

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