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When I talked to my friends who are working in HK, they often complain they don’t have any work-life balance. HK people probably has the highest average working hour in the world. It is not uncommon that people comes to work on 9am and work till 8pm to 10pm. No wonder when I ask them what they do outside of work, they pretty much does not much other than sleep or mundane brainless activities like watching TV, movies or shopping. It is because their have totally drained their energy at work.

Recently I feel like I am working in HK. The project is approaching the deadline, although my own tasks are in relative good shape, unfortunately an Indian team is on fire and I am parachuted to help them out. It’s not fun being in the hot seat﹐ especially when the upper management pays close attention on the schedule, you have to work with a team of Indian contractors who are not your direct report and some of them have the tendency of running on their own.

I tried to employ the chief programmer development model to speed up the development, but there is a major draw of this approach. The chief programmer has to keep up and stay on top of the team in order to have full control. If the team is located in the same physical location, it is much easier to communicate and direct the work. My team is 12 time zones from me, so I only have one chance to interact with them per day. Giving instruction via email is very inefficient because I have to make sure everything is very clear, if they got stuck they will have to wait another day for my response. I set up office hour every night to answer their questions, combined with early morning meeting and working late to keep up with their work, it really cut into my person time in the evening. I am so exhausted that I don’t even have energy to update my blog. I rather shut off my brain and watch some TV on the hour I manage to squeeze between dinner, wife-time and work. Now I understand why the life of my HK friends are so dull, because there is no work-life balance.

When my boss asked me to fly over to India fix thing up over there. I weight the lesser evils between travel to Bangalore a couple of weeks get things back on track or have conference call every night until project ends. I rather suffer a short period of time than drag on in a prolong period of pain. Well, think about the good side, I have 12 hours transfer in HK on my way to India, I can visit my grandma and go for some brief shopping.

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  1. Welcome to the brain drained world. That is exactly why I watch the stupid TVB series. You just learn to shut down your brain and don’t think of anything. And then you actually find the TVB series quite okay, haha…

  2. 無錯,如果關掉腦袋看無記,那些低能節目的確幾Funny,我沒有刻意追看,但有時無意中看到(通常在別人家),都會笑出聲,但我意識到,如果經常把腦袋關掉,恐怕潛移物化,有一日會變低能,所以情況許可,我會馬上轉台,寧看那些「悶到出汁悶到嘔」的動物紀錄片。

  3. 怎麼無人看得出我是講反話呢。

    其實,我係悶棍,最鐘意看discover channel和national geographic那些悶到出汁紀錄片。


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