My Track – Skiing in Whistler

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The “My Track” application in Android has put pretty good use to the built-in GPS of my phone. Today I went to Whistler for a day of powder ski. I turned on the GPS track of my phone to record my ski runs. The map at the end of the day is pretty interesting and gives me lots of statistics.

I only skied for 4 hours 40 minutes today, but I am only moving 2 hours 30 minutes. In total, I covered 31km of distance, but the actual skiing distance has to divided by two, since half of time I am sitting on the chair lift. My average speed is 12km/h and my maximum speed is 42km/h, I guess it must be when I am zooming down the hill right before I got whited out.

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  1. I need to install one in my dog’s system, so that whenever it runs away that I know where it is and how fast it travels away from me!

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