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Hit and run

Today I have a mysterious hit and run.  I was driving on the Sea to Sky Highway coming back from Whistler.  The road condition was pretty bad, it was snowing and the road is icy.  I drove slowly and very careful.   There was a pickup truck in front of me suddenly put on its brake, probably because the car in front of him also break.  I brake at once, but the ABS is not working.  I couldn’t turn either, the wheels has no tracking.  My car is slowly hitting the back of the pickup truck, slide to the side of the road and have half of the front buried in the snow.  The airbag is not deployed and we have 3 or 4 seconds to prepare for the impact.  Very luck, we were not hit by cars fellowing us, so no one in the car is hurt.  The first car following us somehow has very fast reaction, they manage to cut to the left and pass us.  The car fellowing turned sideway and pull over ditching into the snow.  There were quite a few cars ditched into the snow behind us.

It’s in snowing, it’s dark and it’s on the highway.  We remember the safety tips, stay in car, call the insurance company, call the tow truck company and wait for help.  I can see a few cars stopped about 50 meters ahead of us.  Probably they can’t break and have some collisions.  I would expect the driver of the pickup truck come over to get my driver license, but no one ever come by.  The police came but they ignore us and go straight to the cars stopping in the front.  They didn’t come back to ask us anything either.  When the tow truck finally came, the pickup truck is already gone.  I hit someone and he ran away, I guess it is still a hit and run.

I don’t know  what is going on.  I definitely hit someone, the front of my car is damaged.  The fend flew away, the hood and a side panel is deformed.  The pickup truck seems didn’t realize he was hit.  The good thing is that no one reports the collision to ICBC and make a claim, I can keep the same safety status.  We have speculated a few theories why the pickup truck ran away.  One possibility is the pickup is so strong that there is virtually no damage to its back.  Another possibility is the driver had alcohol, so he want to get away before the police come.  The most probably but hard to believe scenario is like this.  When our tow truck drive away, we do see a car have similar damage in the front as my car.  Remember the car following us who manage to dodge us?  I think they rear end the pickup as well.  The pickup couldn’t tell two hits from one hit, so just copy down the driver license of the other driver.

After many hours of troubles, my car finally arrived at the body shop.  I hope my car is repairable.  It would be a lot of headache if my car is totaled.  I would have to shell out extra money to buy a new car.