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Flying Red Eye

I forgot when is the last time I flew red eye.  Flying red eye is a big time saver.  You don’t lose any day sitting in the plane, instead you try your to sleep during transit.  Normally, I can sleep well during flight, so I don’t have much trouble flying red eye.  The only concern is I couldn’t brush my teeth and take a shower before going to bed.  That makes me uncomfortable.  In fact there are not many routes has red eye flight, YVR to YYZ is one of them.

I haven’t visit home for a few years.  Too bad that I only stay in town for 3 days to attend my good buddy’s wedding.  Since I will see most of my university friends in the wedding, there is really no reason for me to stay long.  Plus other than taking some rest at home, there isn’t anything interesting to do in Toronto.  It’s odd that I feel so disconnected from the city I went to school.  Mm…  I lived in Toronto for 7 years and I stayed in Vancouver for 8 years.  No wonder I feel more attached to Vancouver than to Toronto.

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