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I was not looking for my dreams to interpret my life, but rather for my life to interpret my dreams. — Susan Sontag


冇驚喜的蘋果iPhone 6發報會

9th Sep 2014 9 0 科技
apple_event1 今日矽谷最重要的盛事,自然是蘋果的新iPhone發佈會。我雖然不是果粉,但正如很多電腦人一樣,今朝一邊返工一邊偷偷看live steam,好奇蘋果會有什麼驚喜給大家。結果很失望,一大一小兩台iPhone…

The Evil That Apple Does

28th Jan 2010 51 1 News Clips
If Apple has the monopoly market share like Microsoft, Apple would be an eviler company than Microsoft. A close software system kill innovation and progress. I support Google’s open software model.…

Apple’s Mind Share Matters Most

27th Aug 2009 48 0 News Clips
It is intriguing to know Apple owns 91% market share of PC over $1000. It more interesting to see Apples has the highest market share in Canada among all countries at 10%. Apple is the equivalent to the BMW or Mercedes in computer. It does not bother…