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Executive book summary

When I browsing audio books in the company library, I just discover this hidden treasure hiding on highest level in the bookshelves. The company has a subscription to the executive book summary, that is a book abstract service for busy people. It summarize two to three popular business books per month in a single CD. The library a collection from the last 3 years. From my experience with popular business books, most of them just have one great idea, then repeat the same theme over and over again. The book summary is a good way to quickly separate the chaff from the wheat. Instead of spending many hours reading a book, you can quickly scan its key points in 20 minutes. If you found the ideas in the book useful, you can read the full version to learn more about the details later. The only draw back is human’s memory is a leaky bucket, you may forget what you learn if you just spent 20 minutes listening to the key points. Reading a book may takes more time, but the more time you spent, the more knowledge will stay in your mind after you long forget you had read the book. I just add another goal to my 2009 new year resolution. I am going to listen all those CD on my drive to work.