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Book keeping for books

This weekend I am organizing my study room and Pat was merging our books. We have so many books that they fill up three Ikea bookcases. I used to have a list of my books but that list is very out of date. I decided to spend some time to categorize our books for a better record. I entered and sorted all the books to my virtual book shelves in Anobii. We have 355 books in total. Out of all the books, I read most of them but there are still 45 books waiting for me to read. Maybe I should stop buying more books for a while before I finish reading the books I already have.

My taste of reading is pretty board. One third of my collections are Chinese and English fictions, most of the are science fiction, popular novels and a full collection of Louis Cha. A quarter of my books are Anime or comics related, it also used up two rows in my bookshelf. The rest are non-fictions in various topics, with many titles on philosophy, religions, business and economics. I have some titles on history, popular science, culture and reading for the soul. Not to my surprise, I have no musics or arts related books. There is an old saying that the best way to know someone is to check out his books. I wonder what kind of person my books reveal about myself. I guess one thing that is pretty sure, I don’t have much artistic talent.


After meeting up with my profession in the evening, I decided to have dinner in the downtown area before heading home. I was talking to Pat while I was search for a good place to eat. She recommended the Ramen place next to the central library. On my way there, I checked out the central library, since I can’t resist the temptation of books. It is the first time go there. The library is much larger than I expected. It also have lots of table used for study, the one next to windows has really good view. The library has newspaper from all over the world, and I took a look at a German newspaper. I think I can guess the meaning of some of the headlines. On my way out, I applied for a library card in case I need to borrow books from there in the future. The only complain is that the location of the library is quite inconvenient. It’s a long walk to the sky train station after having my curry Ramen as dinner.