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Harry Plotter

Today the 6th book of Harry Plotter is released. It is a big media event worldwide. A bookstore in Vancouver start selling at midnight and the police had to close the road to control the crowd. I got the the 5th book on the first day of sales and finished it in 2 days. Now, I am no longer such a crazy Harry Plotter fans. I will still read the book, but probably wait until I see Chapters had it on sales. I was a bit disappointed by the last installment, the plot just doesn’t make sense. It seems J.K.Rowling had run of her imaginations. Harry Plotter is now pretty a hype these days. The latest Harry Plotter is selling very well around the world, it is estimated over 10 millions copies are sold on the first day. That makes J.K. Rowling’s net worth surge to a new high. With huge royalty collected from first year of sales, how can the publishers and authors justify the 99 years copyright law? The law of diminish return should also apply to intellectual properties. The government should tax the royalty generated by copyright with a progressive scheme. When the revenue of the copyright reach a certain threshold, the copyright holder has to estimate the total net worth of the copyright and pay a pro-rated registration fee to secure his right. Once that piece of copyright had generated the estimated reveunce, the material will automatically released into public domain.