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Royal Caribean

Royal Caribbean

I just got the package from Royal Caribean for my Mediterranean cruise.  I have to check-in online to register my passport and credit card.  There are some information of onshore excursion tours come with the package.  On each port the cruise ship stop over, we can get off the ship to visit the place.  You don’t want to travel around on your own, if you are lost or get into trouble, the ship won’t wait for you.  It is better to join the day tour package run by the cruise.  At least they gaurantee the ship will wait for you.  On average the tour cost about $50 for half day trip and $100 for full day trip.  Two people stopping 5 ports easily add another thousand dollar to your cruise bill.  That add almost a quater of the cost of the cruise.

Paying that much for the day trip, I would expect I get some decent information help me to decision which trip to join.  All I got in the booklet is a few wordy paragraph for each trip on each port.  I would expect the online version is more helpful, but it is even worst!  The online version is the same as wordy paragraph from the paper copy, but the list is sorted according to type of activities.  Please list all the tours of a port in the same.  I can only do one or two things at each port, it is important to see see all my options is one place?  I have a hard time deciding which tour to join.  All the tour description looks quite similar, there are only a few famous places at each port after all.  What I really need is a matrix highlight the difference between each tour.