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Internet discussion

Internet discussion is very different from face to face discussion.  I have been activitly discussing various issues ranging from politics, economy, environmental protection, animal rights, religion and philosophy in internet for many years.  I found that internet discussion is more in depth.  You can rarely drill on a controversial yet serious issues in face to face discussion.  When you are talking to friends, you phase those issues in a light way to avoid hard feelings.  Talking to someone oppose to your idea make your idea crystallize in your mind.  When you are force to defend your argument, you will have a much better understanding of the issues, so that you can make a better judgement.

Internet discussion is like debating club in school, you can find opponents who defense their view to their last breath.  Unlike school debate, you can choose your side in internet.  You can argue for or against what you truly believe in.  Like in a debate, you are not try to convince your opponent, because people usually won’t admit they are wrong.  You try to convince the by standers who are following the discussion, although you may never find out whom you have influenced.  Unlike debate, there is no judge to determine who win or who lose the debate.  You are the only judge in an internet disscusion.  Although you may not admit you had lost, but you will remember the defeat and vow not to make the same mistake again.  This is a learning process make your argument stronger next time.

Maybe someone say internet discussion is a waste of time.  In some way, it’s a waste of time.  Thinking and arguing about those serious issues is a waste of time.  Time is better spent on making more money then use the money to enjoy life.  Who cares about those serious issues?