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Plane Crazy

Recently, I am addicted to this silly facebook application, which is quite not myself.  In general I keep my distance from uselss facebook applications.  I naturally ignore most of the application request and actually spent time delete all the useless applications from my profile.  Somehow this application had a click on me and turn me into a patient of compulsive disoder.  I log on facebook loyally and play this little application every day.

The idea of plane crazy is pretty simply.  You got a photograph of an airplane on your profile.  You start off with crappy hang glider and work you way up to A380 or Air Force One.  Each day, you have a quota of 10 races with other players.  If you win, you get points.  You can use the points to upgrade your airplane.  I like airplanes since I was a little kid, so I spent my 2 minutes with this silly application, then wait for my turns until the next day.  I am working my way up slowly.  I just got to the level of business jet.  My goal is to get reach some decent fighters, like a F-14 or F-22.

I wonder why I am so addicted to this silly game.  I guess it probably the same reason why people are addicted to fluff friends.  It is just a mystery.