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Free money

Yes!  There is free money in the world.  On the Chinese new year day, I went to dim sum at the new Kirin restaurant in New Westminster, which is right next to a new casino.  Kirin give each customer a $10 coupon for the casino.  At first I though the coupons just exchange for chips, so I have to gamble away the chips.  It turn out that I can change the chips back to cash right away!  I got $10 for free!  My lunch cost $14.5, minus the $10 cash back, the real cost is only $4.5.  What a good deal!

We have a big group of engineers went to lunch that day.  We are good at maths, we know the odds are against the gamblers.  So none of us would spend a dime gambling in a casino.  However, we all   walked out from a casino with a small profit.  Of course there many stupid people in this world.  They will take the $10 coupon to gamble, at first they will lose the $10, then they will start losing their own money.  The casino is quite smart giving out free money, as baits to fish stupid gamblers.  I guess if everyone thinks like engineers, the casino would go bankrupt pretty soon.