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Free money

I just got $90 from BCLC (British Columbia Lottery Corperation) totally risk free. BCLC is the government charted lottery company in BC. They just started a new online casino business. In order to attract customers, they give out $100 token any new registered customer who deposit $100 into the account. As an engineer who had learn probability, I know those are free money at once. I can easily cash out the $100 by playing sicbo (big-small), betting on big and small at the same time. I lost a few games to triples, but since I only bet a small mount each time, I still have $90 out of the $100 after all the tokens are converted to cash.

I wonder how much money BCLC loss by luring customer this way. BC has 4.5 million population, times $100 per person, that comes to $4.5 billion. According to BCLC’s balance sheet, it only has $3.1 billion of net asset. If everyone in BC did exactly what I did, take the money and never come back again, we can bankrupt BCLC! Maybe anti-gambling organization should mobilize everyone get their $100 free money. What’s a better way to fight against gambling by bankrupting the casino?

On top of that, I suspect how many customers will BCLC get for their online casino. Gambling in a real casino, at least you can feel the physical atmosphere of a casino. Gambling in an online casino, it’s like just playing a crappy video game with poor graphics. Your money only shows up as a number on screen and all you can do is just making a few mouse clicks. What’s the fun of that? Since the odd is against gamblers, you already lost the moment you bet. Why would anyone want to lose money by clicking the mouse? I can click the mouse for a lot less money. Any reasonable mind would not find any amusement from gambling in online casino.

Tulaip Casino

This weekend we went to visit my cousin’s baby girl in Seattle. Other than seeing the baby, we also spent the afternoon in the Seattle Premium Outlets. Tulaip Casino is right next to the outlet mall and it offers a pretty good buffet brunch and the price is very reasonable. It was a fine Sunday afternoon with nice weather and sun shines outside. We have to go through the gambling floor to go to the restaurant. I am surprised by the number of people in the casino. I wonder who would want to waste a fine afternoon inside a casino sitting in front of the slot machines. I always thought gambling in the casino is something to do after dark when everywhere else is closed.

Slot machine is probably the most boring gambling in the casino. It lacks the human interaction at the card or dice table. Slot machine is controlled by computer and it is guarantee the gambler will lose in a long run. In fact many slot machine even have fine prints about its odds written somewhere. Usually it is worse than 0.98, which means on average you will lose your bet after playing 50 times. All the gamblers I saw in the casino are overweight, it is pretty obvious that keep pressing the same button mindlessly and then watching the LCD showing some repetitively graphics won’t burns much calories.. Looking at those oversize gamblers, I can’t help but wondering does intelligence have a negative correlation with obesity. The fatter you are, the dumber you are. I guess I should not criticize but thank them instead, they subsidize my buffer brunch after all.