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I had learned how to play bridge in F.1, but when my partner immigrate, I stopped playing. I had play casual games during lunch in Waterloo, but didn’t get very involved since I can’t always commit to the game, so I am the substitute player when others are busy. After putting down bridge for almost 6 years, I had chance to play it again today. We were trying out a new Korean restaurant and their service is really slow. While we were waiting, Jackson suggested play cards to kill time. By chance everyone in the table knows how to play bridge, so we opted for the sophisticated game than playing big-2. I had forgotten most of the bidding convention, all I still remember is 13 points to open, 7 points to answer, and 1NT opening means strong hand. I tried so hard to recall the meaning of 1C, but without success. Anyways, bidding is really easy for me today, since I had no hand with more than 7 points, I can only pass. I hope I get more chance to play bridge, but have to establish a stable partnership first.