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Fiskars Telescoping Tree Pruner

It is safety hazard if branches grows too close to the power line in your garden. You don’t want any branches touch the wires hanging between the pole and your house or it may catch a fire. You have to trim the branches using tree pruner every summer.

I like this new telescoping tree pruner from Fiskars. It is much better than old tree pruner I used to have. The old one was just a long wood stick with a pulling string attached to the blade. It is heavy and the string tends to tangle a lot. The new one from Fiskars is made with Aluminum and it is much light. The best feature is the pulling mechanism is build into the handle. It is very convenient and easy to use. No more tangling strings.

It come with an attachable saw for branches that is too thick for the pruner. I haven’t tried the saw, but I think it double as a self defense weapon in case zombie attacks.