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First day in Bangalore

My flight to India is pretty smooth.  Other than there is not tiny TV on each seat, I don’t have much complain about Lufthansa.  On my flight from Frankfurt to Bangalore, they run out of the chicken meal, so I had the curry instead, which taste not bad.  I also watched an Indian movie on the plane.  Although the movie is a bit chessy, it’s not bad.  Indian seems giving me a quite positive impression so far.  However things change once I landed on Bangalore and experience the real India.

The first thing I notice is the air is smelly.  Oh well, now after half a day, I am already used to the Indian smell.  The airport is small and crowded, the luggage claim is chaos.  Finally after two hours of wait, I got my bags and see my driver.  The ride to the guest house is quite an adventure.  Roads in India has no lanes, cars just go anywhere, any direction they like.  The driver keep honking other cars to get his way.  Finally I arrived at the guest house safely at 4a.m.   The phone and the internet at the guest house is not working, so more headache for me.  After some tries, I manage to get the phone to work and able to make long distance call.

My driver will pick me up at 10a.m., so it’s time for me to go to bed.  I will continue my adventure in Bangalore tomorrow morning.