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iRobot Looj 120 Gutter Cleaning Robot


I love my iRobot vacuum cleaner. It saves me lots of work cleaning the house. I just have to press a button and it will get the job done. It’s fall season, leaves is falling and rain starts to pour. It is time to clean the gutter. I see iRobot also makes a gutter cleaning robot, base on my good experience with their vacuum cleaner, I decided to give it a try.

I did not get the latest model, Looj 125, which is in yellow color. I spot a previous generation Looj 120, which is in green color selling cheap on Craigslist. The only difference is the newer model and the older model is an internal antenna instead of an external one the motor, the brush and everything else is the same. The Looj works amazingly in youtube, but unfortunate it does not work on my gutter at all. My gutter is not standard size, it is too wide for Looj. Instead of throwing the dirt out of the gutter onto the ground, it just flipping the dirt from the left half of the gutter to the right half and vice versa.

I have a few minor complains about the Looj. It uses Ni-Cd battery instead of Li-ion battery, so I have drain the battery completely before recharging to avoid memory effect and make sure I do not overcharge the battery. The external antenna is inconvenient. Once awhile, the Looj will flip up side down. I have to reverse the brush rotation to flip it back otherwise the antenna is on the way. Without the antenna, the Looj can move on either side. Other than that, the brush motor is pretty powerful, dirt and leaves is flying high. It should work well if mine is a standard 4″-5″ gutter instead 8″.

Since the Looj does not fit my gutter, anyone interests in buying it from me?

iRobot Roomba 530


Vacuum the floor is an essential house chores I love to hate. On one hand, I don’t want to live among the dust. On the other hand, dragging the vacuum cleaner over all the place is not a pleasant task. I don’t have to vacuum no more. I just got a iRobot Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. Now, I can just press a button and tell Roomba clean the house for me. I haven’t seen it in action yet, it’s still charging up for the first time. I got one of the basic model only come with the base station and virtual walls. The more advance version has schedule program and remote control. All 5th generation model has the same vacuum mechanism. I don’t those electronics function justify 50% more expensive.

I bought it at Home Sense sales this week. The regular price is $369 and it’s $70 off this week. For this weekend only, I got another 25% off if I use the in store credit card. Since I don’t have that credit card, I got a further 10% off just applying that credit card. At the end, I only have to pay $220 for the Roomba 530. The price is so low that it even beat eBay and an almost new 2nd hand unit on Craig’s list. I think cashier made a mistake. The 35% discount suppose only apply to regular price items. Anyways, It’s a really good deal, so I won’t complain.