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International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is a necessity to travel in Europe. This green little card let you purchase flight and rail tickets in the discounted student fare. The problem is only full time students are qualified to apply this card. This term I am only taking the M.Eng. project course, so technically I’m a part time student. Fortunately, the student society of SFU handles the issuing of the ISIC card and the checks of full-time status is very lax. It’s just a glimpse of the unofficial transcript by the student volunteer at the encounter to verify the applicant is taking full time course load. Thanks to the computerized of the school records, the unofficial transcript is simply a print out from the website. Therefore I can easily change my status to full-time with a minor fix in the HTML file. Mind that I don’t think it is an act of forging document, since the unofficial transcript is not a legal document after all. Moreover, I strongly believe that it is plain wrong to have price discrimination against part-time student. By getting the ISIC card thru the loop hole, I’m merely exercising my right to the discount benefits. Today, I feel good that I had beat the system once again.