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Worst Karaoke in Vancouver – Fantacity

Pat want to go to Karaoke with her bridesmaids in downtown before the wedding.  She read from Geogria Striaght that Fantacity in Thurlow and Alberni is one of the “best” place to hang out in the evening.  So we went there to check it out today.  It is the my worst karaoke experience ever.  Here are the seven deadly sins of Fantacity.

1.  It is a Korean Karaoke!  It has some very old Chinese songs and a few English songs.  I just can’t find any the songs I like to sing.

2. They don’t use original MTV for the songs.  I have no idea where they get their karaoke disc with random travel or natural life footage with funny MIDI music.  You just can’t sing without a decent background music.

3.  The AV equipment sucks.  They are still using CRT TV.  Come on, even advertisment in toilet use LCD these days.  The sound system is crap, I keep hearing funny cracks from the speakers.

4. Song entry system form the 80’s.  You have to find the song from a binder, then enter the 6 digit code.  Worst of all, the system has zero buffer.  You can only enter a new song after the current song is finish.

5.  It’s not cheap.  It costs me $50 for 2 hours.

6.  It is stinky.  I can smell the bleach they use to clean the floor.

7.  Zero service.  We were there for two hours, but no one ever come to asked us whether I would like to order anything to drink or to eat.

This karaoke is so bad that it is already added to to my black listed.  It frustrated me so much that I paid them zero tips.  The moral of this story is that never trust any reviews from any free newspaper.