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Nietzsche has displaced Peter Singer as my most hated philosopher. This term I am taking existentialism, so I have to study the work of Friedrich Nietzsche, who is one of the four most influential philosophers in existentialism. Nietzsche’s philosophy ten times worse than Peter Singer. Although both of them are nuts and their thoughts does not make any sense, at least Peter Singer’s argument is well constructed and easy to follow. The work of Nietzsche is very unorganized, his writing style deliberately confuse his readers. His books do not look like normal philosophy titles, it is more like random scribble from a mad man. Oh! By the way, Nietzsche has mental problem in his final years.

My professor is trying her best to teach Nietzsche’s philosophy in a structural manner, but I think his thoughts is too a big mess to study. Most of his philosophy come from his rebellion against Christianity. Too bad he learn Christianity from his father who was a Lutheran priest. So Nietzsche has some very deep misunderstanding about Christianity. Looks like his own philosophy is just attacking a straw man of Christianity. If Nietzsche had learn the real Christianity, he would have no to rebel against Christianity and probably happy with the theology explanations. If that was the case, my course would be a lot easier, as I don’t have to struggle in understanding his books.

It seems many so-call great philosophers have bad philosophy simply because they misunderstood some very fundamental concepts.  Nietzsche’s philosophy is totally non-sense because he get Christianity wrong.  Peter Singer’s philosophy is pure BS because he got the idea of happiness and suffering wrong.  Marx’s political philosophy turn into the biggest failure in social experiment of human history because he got some very basic idea of economics wrong,