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Richmond Night Market

Every summer from May to Oct on weekend nights, the abandoned industrial area next to the Knight bridge will turn into Richmond Night Market. It is very crowded as usual. Probably because it is the only hang out places stay opens for families and friends after the malls are closed.

The main attraction of the night market is the open air food court. There are lots of Asian street delicacy from Chinese, Korean and Japanese. There are some new varieties every year. A few years ago, it was the takoyaki. There are still a couple takoyaki booth this year, but it is clearly out of fashion. The new items this year is large squid tentacles, many booths offers it in different favors, including bbq, pan fried, fried and curry.

Another hot item this year is the Korean potato skewer. Let me try to describe how it looks like. Imagine a potato is sliced by rotating blade into a single curly thin slice while maintaining the shape of the potato. Then the potato is stretched on a skewer for died fried and decorated with cheese or favored powder when it’s done. The potato skewer is very popular among the white guys, almost every white group order one to share. I think this food has a huge potential in the mainstream market. After all, potato is the staple food for Canadians and everyone loves fries.