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Moleskine notebook

moleskine When I was small, I remember I used to buy those made-in-china black cover with red corner notebooks.  The paper quality of those notebooks are not great, but I have wrote countless lectures notes on them and they accompany me through my high school years.  Actually life is quite decent being able to afford those notebooks, some schoolmates only take notes on the back of a pack of staple d recycle paper.  On the other end of the spectrum of notebooks, there is the the legendary Moleskine notebook used by Van Goh, Picasso, Hemingway, and Tom Hanks in Da Vinci’s Code.  The report notebook bound on the top is a standard equipment for journalists portrait in classic Hollywood movies.  Moleskine is made of very high quality paper. The elastic band holding the notebook when it is close gives a distinct look of a Moleskine.  Moleskine is very popular among artists, writers and intellectuals.  In the digital age, many people think PDA and laptops are going to make old fashion notebook obsolete.  A Moleskine notebooks have a special aura that makes it a irreplaceable cultural icon.  I just got my first Moleskine notebook today.  Now the problem is whether the contents in my notebook worth the paper I write them on.