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social sense

Maybe I am a person really lack of social sense, according to Pat’s complains. She had come up with examples that I’m can’t deny, thus I’m convinced that I have problems in this area. Am I social challenged? In some sense, yes. To come up with cure, first I have to understand the context of social sense. According to Pat, the first rule of thumb is consider others feeling. In some occasions, I lack the awareness of others’ response to my action. That part is easier to fix, just have to run a several thread in my brain to always simulate others reaction. In some other case, I just don’t expect they will have that kind of response, at least I won’t. They are weird to me as I’m weird to them. The principle of not being selfish can no longer apply. I guess I have to start watching more TVB series, especially modern ones, to take samples on how a normal stereotyped person will react in different circumstances.