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There are many interesting rules for the Jews on Sabbath days. Today I went to Whistler with a colleague from Israel. The drive on the Sea to Sky highway is long and boring. To keep myself awake, I chat with him about the Jews culture and one of the topics we talked about is Sabbath. When we read the Bible, it always mentions the Jews can’t do this or can’t do that on a Sabbath day. It turns out the Sabbath rules are still followed by religious Jews after 2000 years.

Sabbath begins on Friday evening until Saturday evening. According to Jews religion rules, people are not allow to work on Sabbath. Not allow to work does not mean only not going back to the office, it means you cannot do anything that produce anything nor any action that has any consequence. In Sabbath day, religious Jews cannot cook because use of fire is forbidden. They can’t turn on the lights, because generation of light is consider as work. Taking evaluator is not allowed because your action of pushing a button causes something to move. It’s quite obvious driving is also banned.They can only stay home and have cold food on Sabbath. That sounds pretty boring.

However, the Jews have some few clever ways to work around Sabbath rules. Their fringe has a Sabbath mode, so opening the fringe door on Sabbath will not turn on the small light bulb inside the fringe or otherwise it violates the Sabbath rules. Their evaluator stops on every floor on Sabbath day, so no work is done as a consequence of anyone’s action. Suddenly, I see a huge market of automated robots for the religious Jews. They can do whatever they like on Sabbath as long as they don’t really do anything on Sabbath. The robot can act on their behave, so they do not violate any Jews rules. Unfortunately, my idea is rejected by my friends at once. There is already a solution in the market and is much cheaper than my AI robot. It is called non-Jews servants.