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San Jose Trip

I am flying down to San Jose on unplanned business trip. One of the designer down there is leaving the company, and he holds some critical information of the project we are working on. So the company fly three of us down to SJ to get as much knowledge out of him as we can get before he disappear. The trip is really rush, fly down today on the earliest flight and fly back to Vancouver tomorrow evening. The flight this morning is brutal. I had to wake up at 4a.m. to catch the 7a.m. flight. Today is very unproductive, since I am all drowsy in the meeting due to depletion of sleep. Next time, if anything trip like this come up, I will definitely fly down the night before and have a good sleep. Too bad I only got 1 night here in SJ, I can couldn’t meet all the friends I have. I can only pick someone haven’t seen for a long time to have dinner with tonight. When we arrived, two of us from Vancouver suppose to meet up with another person come down from Saskatoon. We planned to meet at the car rental booth, but he didn’t show up after a long wait. We tried to phone the airline and find out whether he made it down to SFO. It turned out that his flight did arrive on time, but airport computer system screwed up and the plane is sitting on the taxi way for an hour. It would be more informative if the computer system actually tell us the plane has arrived but the passenger cannot get off yet. We had go around the airport twice trying to locate him, luckily he eventually show up at the car rental.