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Beauty and the geek

There is a new reality show on TV called Beauty and the geek, which I found the idea is quite genius. It’s a mix of blind date and competition game show. The show pairs up several teams of hot girls and nerdy geeks. Each partner in the team has to use their strength to help the other one overcome challenges targeting his or her weakness. For example, the tests includes car repair for girls and ball room dancing for the guys. It’s funny to see how people in the two extreme ends of social spectrum cooperate to win the grand prize. I guess to make the show more interesting, the participants are chosen in a way that they are typical stereotyped blonds and geeks. Indeed I found the mind of man and woman ain’t the same, the show just exaggerate the difference and present it in a very funny way. I’m just thinking of a similar reality show for the Canadian market by pairing up a English speaker who know little french with a french speaker who know little English.