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Stapleless Stapler


Stapleless stapler is pretty neat, see the photo below on how it works. You can staple a few pages together without using any staple. Pages stapled together with the stapeless stapler is not as firm as using a normal staple. It won’t survive continuous flipping of the pages. It is good enough to hold up to 8-10 pages together for document to exchange hands. The beauty of the stapeless stapler is when you want to remove the staple. No more broken nail or looking around for the staple remover, you simply torn the papers knot apart. It works really good on document you need to shred. You can feed the whole pile to the shredder without worrying removing staples or it may break the shredder. I got mine from eBay for only $2.5 including shipping. Highly recommend this little innovative stationary for office or home use. It’s cheap and useful, it comes it different colors and pattern, it could be a perfect X’mas gift for friends.