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The ah-ha moment

The joy of teaching is witnessing the ah-ha moment. Today I went to the public library to study in the afternoon I usually prefer booth seats since it is more quiet. But all the booths are full today, so I have to share a the big table with two high school students. They were studying chemistry and struggling to understand what is a solution. They discuss with each other trying to find out what the textbook says but obviously they are clueless. I am a bit annoyed by their noise as it is quite distracting. I am also a bit annoyed by their stupidity. How come they could not figure out such a simple concept. I could have shh them or ask them to keep quiet.

On a second thought, all I said to them would be one line anyways, why don’t I just explain what is a solution so they can move on to finish their homework. I told them, “A solution is, if there is a solid and there is a liquid. If you put the solid into the liquid and the solid disappear. The liquid is a solution.” Upon the kid hear my explanation, I can see from his facial expression he finally understand the concept and hear the “ah-ha” sound. After I dealt with the distraction, I felt good and continue on my study. Teaching is not only about the passing on of knowledge, it is also about deriving satisfaction from teaching. Seeing the ability of my words to enlighten another mind, really gives me a sense of satisfaction.