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We have heavy snow fall last night, the streets are covered with snow this morning and the road condition is pretty bad.  Many people left their cars at home and take the sky train to work.  I have to go to downtown this morning, so I am one of the crowd in the sky train station.  The sky train rail is covered with snow, which the computer auto pilot system cannot handle, so for the first time, I see sky train drivers.  The single seat at the front of the train is indeed the driver’s seat.  There is a hidden control panel under the windshield.  Since the train service is limited and more than usual train riders, the station is full of people waiting to get on the train.  The trains are so full that I can only manage to squeeze myself into the 3rd train.  I feel like I am in a can of sardine fish.  On a normal day, the train is not totally packed even on the rush hours.  People can still move around quite easily.  Last time I feel like a sardine was riding the HK MTR, I never thought the sky train can also be this full.