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Obama is in, what’s next?

Today I watched Obama’s inaugural on the news. Washington is very crowded. According to the news, there are two million people witness the ceremony. It is a historical moment to the Americans. Many people compare Obama to John F. Kennedy. When JFK was elected US president in 1961, he is the Catholic president. In 2008, Obama becomes the first black president. Both of them breaks White Ango-Saxon Protestant male’s monopoly claim to the presidency. We already got a Catholic, a black, what’s next? It is just a matter of time before will be a female president. Hilary Clinton almost become the first female president if she didn’t lose to Obama. After a female president, the next one on the line is probably a gay president. There are gay governor already. It may take sometime before the American consider voting for a gay president. By that time, probably computer is so advance that we have AI smarter than people. If the American willing to vote for a gay, they must as well vote for a robot. Having a robot president is more defining historical moment than having a black president. On a second thought, why don’t we call the robot president Skynet.

US election

After a full day of bombardment of the election news, the US finally got a new president. I am so tired of the US election. There are endless news coverage everyday since the beginning of the primaries almost a year ago. The Americans take really long to make up their mind. The Canadian election system is much more efficient. We only take a month from beginning to finish. The longer the campaign, the more the candidate talking about non-sense and contradicting himself. It does not take much time for the voters to read the policy and get to know the candidate. Throw in a couple of debates among the candidates should give the voters a very clear idea on whom they should vote for. The extra months spent in the campaign are just spending empty wheels going no where. The election news morph into something like a TV drama that everyone follows. Instead of serving its function to select our government, the election degrade to some kind of entertainment.

Obama has won, just as everyone expected. If I were an American, I would vote for him too. Not because I like his policy, given that the The US policy is pretty much bounded by actual domestic or foreign constraints. The president may dress the policy with different rhetorical, but the content can’t deviate too much from the reality. I vote for him because he is black. It is cool to see a black US president. A black man gain the top job in America would be the perfect illustration on the end of racial discrimination. It shows the meritocracy system that is the founding US ideology really works. Obama shows the foot steps to the blacks about how to raise to the top. Forget about the so-call black culture, embrace the mainstream elitism culture. Other than his skin color, there is no cultural difference between Obama and the traditional ruling elite. A minority become the president is only feasible in American’s melting pot cultural policy. In a country with multicultural policy, a minority will always be a minority because he is encourage to become part of the mainstream.