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iPod non shuffle

29th Sep 2005 - 06:36pm Daily Scribble
Since I got my free iPod shuffle, I have been using it quite alot. Especially when I was doing my shopping or have to wait for something. I found that the lack of screen and the overly simply control is totally unnavigable. Skipping to a song or album…

Resume of master research

28th Sep 2005 - 09:14pm Daily Scribble
Today I finally resume my work for my M.Eng project. I have touch it since my vocation to Europe, which is almost 2 months ago. It took me longer than expect to ramp up, I had forgot the code I wrote, and have to read my own poor comments to gain an insight…

Short soccer game

27th Sep 2005 - 07:18pm Daily Scribble
I had only played 15 minutes of soccer tonight. The reason is the court is double booked, and we only found out when we were there. We suppose to start the game at 10p and play until 12a, which is two good hours of excerise. It turn out that the court…

Toy shelf

26th Sep 2005 - 10:30am Daily Scribble
I was organizing my toy display tonight and move the empty boxes on the shelf to make more room. I found myself has been following toy news on the internet closely, and participating discussion in the toy collector’s forum. I don’t…

Photos Mania

25th Sep 2005 - 08:04pm Daily Scribble
I got the DVD with everyone’s WYD photos from Jan last night, it’s over 3.5GB in total. I have been checking out the pictures this afternoon. I tried to delete some blurry and meaningless ones without me in the picture. This process…

Pat’s birthday

24th Sep 2005 - 10:23pm Daily Scribble
Today is Pat’s birthday. We had started with having dim sum at Crystal Mall Top Gun. Although I had heard bad reputation from my friends, I found that place is quite decent. The food is pretty good and not as expensive as I thought. The best…

Count the rythm

23rd Sep 2005 - 07:18pm Daily Scribble
Tonight, I went to Grand Ball Room for their friday night dancing party with Pat for the first time. We tried to pick up our dancing skills, but unfortunately I had forgot all the moves I had learnt before my vacation. Moreover I have trouble counting…

Dim Sum

22nd Sep 2005 - 08:29pm Daily Scribble
I went to have dim sum during lunch today at Carefree close to work. We used to go to that place for lunch, but it had changed from a HK style cafe to dim sum resturant while I was in vacation. Before the change, it only serve set lunch in the afternoon,…


21st Sep 2005 - 08:23pm Daily Scribble
Two of my colleagues just bought the PSP, the machine had arrived this week and they brough it in to show us. Their version is slightly different than the one my other colleague got on the first day. This version is hacked and can play downloaded…

Default resturant closed

19th Sep 2005 - 08:01pm Daily Scribble
Today when we went to lunch at Mui Garden, to our surprise it is closed. There is a notice on the door saying it is under renovation for a few days due to small fire in the kirchen. We lost our number one default place to have lunch. That will cause us…
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