iPod non shuffle

Since I got my free iPod shuffle, I have been using it quite alot. Especially when I was doing my shopping or have to wait for something. I found that the lack of screen and the overly simply control is totally unnavigable. Skipping to a song or album I want to listen is next to impossible. The iPod shuffle is only good for listening to your old favourate songs, but not as a daily mp3 players for the latest album. After some thoughts, I found a work around to this problem. I reprogram the shuffle mode into switching between albums/directory. This can been done thanks to the rebuild_db script that allow me get rid of iTune and use the iPod shuffle as a plain USB mp3 player. The trick is setup rule files so that only the first song in each directory is added to the shuffle list. Finally, my iPod shuffle is as user friendly as the CD player in my car. I guess I can pospone buying a real iPod for a while, until I really desperate for a screen to know what song is playing at the moment.

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