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All political theories assume, of course, that most individuals are very ignorant. Those who plead for liberty differ from the rest in that they include among the ignorant themselves as well as the wisest. — F.A. Hayek


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31st Oct 2005 26 0 Daily Scribble
Today PMC has announced that it will spend $4 million to acquire the storage division from Aglient. This news explains why we have to lend $2 million in the quarter result last week. Borrowing money to expand the company is a normal business pratice,…


30th Oct 2005 30 0 Daily Scribble
Pat always complains I am a very boring guy, a typical engineer who knows nothing about romance. She have been trying hard to get me understand the concept of romance. So far I the aspect of romance I can get includes the element of surprise and…


29th Oct 2005 30 0 Daily Scribble
Normally, I won’t join my colleagues for their poker games, but today is an exception. It is Daniel’s birthday, who usually host the game. The big group first have dinner together at Abadeen Center, then head towards daniel’s…


28th Oct 2005 22 0 Daily Scribble
I have been using no-ip.com for my DNS redirection for many years. It basically maps the my domains (www.horace.org and trishama.no-ip.com) to the IP address of my webserver at home. It is a free service and very reliable. I don’t expect…


27th Oct 2005 24 0 Daily Scribble
I had a real badminton game today since I had stopped playing badminton in the summer. Last time didn’t count as a real game, I only played for 30 minutes due to the stupid AC said they will deliver my lost luggage on that night. However at…

Round 2

26th Oct 2005 27 0 Daily Scribble
We had our 2nd match of the foosball tournament today. Both me and Anson did exceptionally well in the match. In the first game, we lost to the other team 5-0 straight. It is partly due to we were distracted by some other bad mouthed players before…


25th Oct 2005 23 0 Daily Scribble
I have been feeling very rush since Sunday. No only the tape-in date is getting close at work, but also I have encounter unexpected problems in my thesis after work. It like I am continuously chasing something, couldn’t slow down and take…

Dance gigolo

23rd Oct 2005 46 1 Daily Scribble
I just found out an ideal part-time opportunity from my cousins. What kind of part time job gives you $80 an hour basic salary, included dinner, on top of that every $5 for every 3 minutes of work, while you can have fun and excerise at the same time?…

Natural disasters

22nd Oct 2005 31 1 Daily Scribble
Today, Father Perie didn’t talk about the Bible in his homily. He dedicate the whole homily to the victims of the Pakinstain earthquake, urge us to donation money through the national charity to help those victims. I think today’s…

Visit of my mother

21st Oct 2005 29 0 Daily Scribble
My mother stoped by Vancouver and visit me on her way back to Hong Kong. She will stay for 2 weeks this time and another two weeks on her way back to Toronto. I originally planned to go back to Toronto on the X’mas, but couldn’t make it…
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