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30th Nov 2005 - 08:33pm Daily Scribble
Since I have started writting my thesis, or merely the M.Eng project, I have to think about my defense. The faculty has just imposed a 2+2 weeks rule, that is the paper has to ciruculate two weeks before the defense and the defense has to be at least…

Department meeting

29th Nov 2005 - 10:33pm Daily Scribble
In my department, we used to have a quarter status update hosted by the VP. We found that session is very useful, keep us posted with the lastest project related news in department. When the VP was transfered to another department, the acting…


28th Nov 2005 - 07:28am Daily Scribble
Vancouver doesn’t snow much, usually it just rain all winter long. This year, the first snow fall comes quite early. I don’t mind snow at all, since I am already used to it back east. The problem here in Vancouver other people who…


27th Nov 2005 - 10:26pm Daily Scribble
In the Catholic church, when a person baptise and join the church, he has to find a god-parent to sponsor him. The idea of god-parent is to give spiritual guidance to the god-child. Pat has recently become a god-mother. The odd thing is her god-daughter…


25th Nov 2005 - 08:59pm Daily Scribble
I rarely go to shopping, I actually feel a bit uncomfortable going to the mall. I always prefer to know exactly what to buy, the price I want to pay before I go into a shop. Buy things base soley on the limited information available in the store and…


24th Nov 2005 - 07:26pm Daily Scribble
Today at lunch, Edwin showed me the Gundam game on his PSP. You all might already know that I am a long time Gundam fans. The new game is very attractive, so I played in car and while waiting for food. The game play itself is similiar to the old Gundam…


23rd Nov 2005 - 06:33pm Daily Scribble
I have listened to a very inspiring speech on procrastination, which I found is one of my biggest problem. There are three types of procrastination in general. The first type is the prefectionist. They won’t start working unless everything…

Mui Garden

21st Nov 2005 - 07:49pm Daily Scribble
Mui Garden is finally reopened. This resturant is the default place to have lunch. When we are out of ideas, we can simply pick it with no objection from anyone. It was closed for a couple of months already. The resturant has posted a notice on the…


20th Nov 2005 - 08:27pm Daily Scribble
When I went to T&T in Metrotown for glocery shopping today, I found out that the chinese bookstores next to the supermarket is closed. There used to be two chinese bookstores next to T&T, one is Taiwan based, and the other one is China/Hong…


19th Nov 2005 - 10:36am Daily Scribble
I went to Cellar Jazz at Boardway and Almo on friday. This is the first time I go to a jazz lounge, and I found that place is pretty comfortable. Listening to jazz is more for the life style it represent than the appreciation of the music itself. Jazz…
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