In the Catholic church, when a person baptise and join the church, he has to find a god-parent to sponsor him. The idea of god-parent is to give spiritual guidance to the god-child. Pat has recently become a god-mother. The odd thing is her god-daughter is actually a year older than her, she is a friend of hers. In today’s mass, there was a ritual to admit the new believers into the Church. In the following months, they will have go to catechism classes every week to prepare for their baptisium in the coming Easter. Pat feel quite pround and honoured to sponser her friend. I feel a bit jealous on her. I want to be a god-father too. I know I am probably not a very good example for the new believer. I am probably not good enough to be the god-father of an adult, it takes quite some responsibility. However, I think I am good enough to be the god-father of a baby or child. Especially those parents who are not-so-faithful catholic but somehow want their kids baptised for whatever secular reasons, such as applying for catholic schools. So, if there are any child want to be baptised in Catholic, yet the parents are worried the child getting too faith and end up being a priest, please let me know. I am happy to take in god-children who will still have the freedom to choose his beliefs when he grow up. Oh… to give some more incentive, I had already prepared a gift for my future first god-child. It’s a brand-new very cute precious moment bible I had ordered extra.

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  1. If it’s for a good purpose, a dip of jealousy on your spiritual drink is not too bad of an idea… =)

    I’m sure you’ll be a godfather — one day when you’ll regularly fulfill your responsibilities as a Catholic first!

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