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29th Jun 2009 - 10:31pm 兩週一聚

Angels & Demons

28th Jun 2009 - 09:33pm 電影

Zap mosquitoes with laser

27th Jun 2009 - 09:04am News Clips
It is a great idea zap mosquitoes with laser. I would buy one to defense my front yard from unwanted flies, mosquitoes, bees or any annoying flying insects.…

Michael Jackson

26th Jun 2009 - 11:50pm Daily Scribble
Today, everyone is talking about Michael Jackson passed away. I hear it at work, I got it from the front page of the newspaper, I got it from the headline of the evening news, and I got it in almost every blog I visit. I can’t even escape from…

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time – Mark Haddon

26th Jun 2009 - 12:18am 書評

Direction of the sun

24th Jun 2009 - 11:37pm Daily Scribble
Buying a house is probably the biggest purchase normal people ever made in a life. There are many factors the buyer has to consider before signing the offer. Location, price, size, building material, environment, school net, etc are factors…

No more Economist

22nd Jun 2009 - 11:10pm Daily Scribble
In the economy downturn, first the company laid off the librarian, then it cut all the magazine subscriptions and close down the library. I am a long time loyal reader of the Economist since university. I used to read the article on the website…

Warfare, culture and human evolution

22nd Jun 2009 - 09:12pm News Clips
The bible said suffering can brings out the beauty of human nature and now we have scientific proof! Altruistic originates from survival of the selfish gene between tribal wars in pre-historical times. If the world is at peace for 150 generations,…

The sky is, literally, the limit

21st Jun 2009 - 11:42pm News Clips
The previous generation looks up to the stars and have sky as their limit. This generation has put too much focus on Earth and become the prisoner of gravity.…

Richmond Night Market

21st Jun 2009 - 12:00am Daily Scribble
Every summer from May to Oct on weekend nights, the abandoned industrial area next to the Knight bridge will turn into Richmond Night Market. It is very crowded as usual. Probably because it is the only hang out places stay opens for families…
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