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30th Sep 2009 - 11:48pm 兩週一聚

VE-1 Elint Seeker

30th Sep 2009 - 06:29am Pictures
VE-1 Elint Seeker…

VF-0 Phoenix

30th Sep 2009 - 12:11am Pictures


30th Sep 2009 - 12:11am Pictures
SV-51 Nora Type…

I joke, therefore I am

29th Sep 2009 - 11:38pm Daily Scribble
This is the forth speech in the Humorously Speaking manual. The objective of the speech is to open with a self-depreciating joke and use at least two sets of series of jokes in the body. Many of you may already know I am studying philosophy in SFU…

Campbell Hausfeld 1/3-HP 3 Gallon Air Compressor

28th Sep 2009 - 12:13am Product Reviews
This Campbell Hausfeld is an entry level air compressor. It is on sales at Canadian Tires with 50% off the regular price. Campbell Hausfeld made professional air tools. According to online reviews, this model is better than Canadian Tire’s…

My first home project, install window blinds

27th Sep 2009 - 08:44pm Daily Scribble
Since I bought a place, I am learning to to become a handy man. Today I just under took my first home renovation project, install window blinds in the garage window. We are replacing the generic flimsy generic vinyl blinds come with the house with…

Gut worms protect against allergy

27th Sep 2009 - 11:44am News Clips
Should I swallow some hookworms to cure my allergies and asthma?…

Brother PT-1100SBVP P-Touch Scrapbooking Labeler

26th Sep 2009 - 10:37pm Product Reviews
Yes, it’s pink. No, I am not gay. I bought a pink hand held label printer. We need a label printer for our new house. This one is just too good a deal to pass. There are only two major brands of label printer, Dymo and Brother. When I think of label,…

Canada’s deadlocked politics

26th Sep 2009 - 01:16am News Clips
Maybe we should go back to the old fashion 3 party system. Outlaw the separatist Bloc Quebecois, merge the Green Party with NDP. Then we can have a more meaningful election. Too bad that the Conservative is unlikely to win a majority government…
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