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24th May 2010 - 10:40pm News Clips
Working extra hard is not a long timer viable strategy to survive in a corporate world. Productive only scale linearly for putting in the extra hour. In order to stay afloat, your productivity has to grow in multiples by continuous learning.…

Worker strife dogs tech firms in France

6th Mar 2010 - 10:37pm News Clips
Having so many labor problems, no wonder multinational companies are leaving France on the first sight of trouble. Wipro is an Indian company, the only reason buying overseas hi-tech firm is to learn their technology. After they learn everything,…

Driven to distraction

23rd Jan 2010 - 09:57pm News Clips
Mr. Pink is dead wrong. Intrinsic rewards and the pleasure gain from doing a job well only comes if the job is paid well. You will simply feel ripped off if you are not rewarded accordingly.Jan 14th 2010, The Economist Two and a half cheers for sticks…

Cadence and my friend’s love story

2nd Aug 2005 - 07:01pm Daily Scribble
I had to come to work early today to meet up with the representative from Cadence. Somehow I am chose to baby sit them, give them the requirement from the team. I have a feeling they come to help us just because they want to have Cadence’s product…