Cadence and my friend’s love story

I had to come to work early today to meet up with the representative from Cadence. Somehow I am chose to baby sit them, give them the requirement from the team. I have a feeling they come to help us just because they want to have Cadence’s product more erode into PMC’s tool chain. So I end up not thing any work at all today. Make it worse, I have to come in early tomorrow morning to let them into the building as well. One good thing about it is one of the representative is base off in Toronto. I am looking forward to keep him as a contact in what company that I may potentially switch when moving back home. Companies using Specman would make a perfect match for my skill set.

The story of my friend and her new crush keeps evolving and it’s getting more and more interesting. It seems she already know more about that guy than I do, even though it is me who introduce her the guy. Let’s see how this romantic adventure will turns out, Pat and I will pay close attention to the latest development.

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