chocolate buffet

Tonight, I had a chocolate buffet with friends at Sutton hotel. The buffet is a bit disappointing, not as many variaty as I expected. I end up have to order an entree to fill up myself. Both of the friends I met with are going to get marry this summer, apart by just one week. They exchanged ideas on the wedding and honey moon, me and Pat can’t really participate in the talk, so we both listen to their conversation. Wedding seems so far and yet so close to me, especially hearing it happens to people around you. When Pat is a few years older, we have to start planning ours seriously too. For the moment, we can just keep dreaming how our wedding will look like. If it is possible, I’ll opt to skip the banquet, save the money to upgrade our honey moon. I don’t think we can skip the church ritual, but that shouldn’t be too expensive. Too bad we are not celebrities, or we can sell the broadcast right of our wedding to TV station to make some profit.

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