wine tasting festival

Tonight I went to wine tasting festival with Pat. The festival has vineyard from all over the world, provides sampling over 300 different labels. The theme of this year is South Africa wine, and there is live South African music performance. I never had that much wine in a single day, I had tried over 50 different kind of wine, including some expensive ones that are over hundred dollars.

The most expensive one I tasted is almost $300 a bottle, the booth use a dripper to measure the amount of wine to serve. Each serving worth almost $10, I don’t think I will drink this wine if I have to pay for it myself. That wine is too concentrated, a bit strong, not the type I like. On top of all the wines, the festival also has chess and snack tasting and a cooking show. I happened to be at the cooking show when the chef just finish the dishes. So I get to try out the halibat and duck breast, very delicious. There are quite some other freebes in the show too, I drank a few bottles of water, even brough two bootle home. To help the shower goeres go home safely, it gives out free skytrain ticket when we leave.

I don’t know much in wine drinking and actually I can’t even taste the difference between all those wines. All I can tell is whether the wine is sweet or bitter, whether it irritate my throat or not. At the end, the only guideline I use is the price of the wine to determine which one I will try. I think use the information of the market to determine quality should be most accurate. The event really worth the ticket price I pay for. I feel pity for my cheap friends who don’t come just because they think it is too expensive. Since I had consumed too much alcohol, I had a bad headache right now. Hopefully it will go away after I had a good night of sleep.

There is an intering small thing I had noticed today. When I was tasting wine at one booth, there was an old man come by and try some wine. The exhibitionist offer him to try out their best bottle. He replied that he can’t afford it and walked away without trying. Didn’t we all come to the festival to drink free expensive wine to optimize our return on the ticket fee? I can never understand the mind of those who refuse a shot from a a $80 bottle, yet taste some cheap $20 bottle from the same vineyard.

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