wash feet

Today is the day before easter friday, according to the Bible, tonight is when the last supper took place. I went to the passover mass at St. Marks college in UBC tonight. On top of the usual rituals, there is a feet washing event in the mass. I had done feet washing a few years ago in the church camp. Washing others feet is not a big deal, as long as you got to clean your hands afterward. However, letting other wash your feet, which could be quite smelly after stuff in the shoe for a whole day, is quite embrassing. Moreover I think people shouldn’t show their toes in public, let alone show them in church, it’s really disrespect to Jesus. We should propse other more elagent ways to serve other, such as shoulder massage, instead of washing feet. We cannot follow the Bible literally in today’s world, feet washing needs a modern context. Worst of all, the father didn’t clean his hand after washing the feet before handling the eucharist, that poses a hygiene problem. I begin to think, church serving eucharist is like resturant serving food, the same hygiene standard should be applied.

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