easter long weekend

This Easter long weekend is not very productive. In fact I’m so lazy that I havn’t written my blog for two days. However I had done quite a few things in this long weekend. In summary, I had hotpot dinner with CBC friends from work at Jason and Alison’s place. I’m surprised to learn that Alfred and Jeanet is engaged, and they are about the same age as me and Pat. This give me yet more pressure to get marry. Sunday spent the whole day in Richmond, church in the morning, studied at Starbuck in the afternoon, followed by dancing lesson. It’s the first lesson for beginner class, and it’s teaching Cha-cha this week. Although I had learnt ballroom dancing once back in university, I still find dancing is very challenaging to me. The problem I have is I can’t count the beats and my music-action co-ordination is pretty bad. The beginner dancing class are too advance for me, it teaches too many moves in one lesson. I think they teach the fundamental body movement, especially the balancing of your feets at first. Today I watched too much TV, including Sunday Report on the problem of hidden youth in HK, 6 eposides of “Cruel Ding” and some more Gundam Seed Destiny. The “Ding” show is pretty funny, gave me and Pat lots of laughs. No wonder it is the hottest topic in HK at the moment.

Lastly I would like to write about this week eposide of GSD. It definitely has the best action scenes and mecha fighting in the season. There are too much talking and clip shows in the past few eposides. Even Freedom Gundam is two years old comparing to the lastest Gundam, Kira with his super coordinaror abilitiy able to disable all other Gundams in the battle field. I wonder who can be his opponent at the end of the series, maybe he will somehow die half away just because he is too strong. Looking forward to what will happen in next week’s eposide.

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