left and right

The email group of my highschool friends from La Salle is quite busy these few days. The death of the Pope had somehow started a political/theological discussion. I found it interest that you had know your friends for so many years, yet we havn’t dicussion this issues in depth at all. Probably we were just too young to understand the implication of all those complex world issues. The email exchanges really inspire me, give me some idea that I had never thought of. I am not surprise to see some of my friends has totally different view than myself on certian issues, judging from where they had been. It would be odd if they think the other way. Yet, it doesn’t affect our friendship, because we all know those are just BS talk anyways. Isn’t it the same in the case of most moral and political debates? The conclusion so far, Peter seems on the right, Lenny seems on the left. I split in between, right on political/economical issues, left on social/moral issues. First those who are not sure what side they are one on, try the test at political compass

My score is:
Economic Left/Right: 2.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.77

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