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network simulator

I have been sturggling with ns2 for the past 24 hours. ns2 is an open source network simulation implemented in tcl and C++. It suppose to be one of the most popular academic reseach tool in communication network. My problem right now is the compliation doesn’t seem right, when I run a sample testscript, it dies with a segmentation fault. I had tried different version under linux and cygwin without luck. Cygwin is another interesting open source program. It is like a linux emulator sitting on top of Windows, so user can compile and use unix/x-win softwares. If ns2 under cygwin still fails, I’m afraid to use brute force attack, fire up the debugger and figure out exactly what went wrong.

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  • When I was taking 833, we were forced to use NS2 (and OPNET). We did the NS2 assignment at work when alison still had the unix box. I think we just xterm’ed to one of the SFU computers where NS2 is already installed and working. Something you might want to try.

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