Often, Pat complains about losing her identity when going out with my friends, she is always treated as the girlfriend of Horace instead of an independent individual. Finally it’s my turn of having the identity of Pat’s boyfriend. Today is the wedding of Schola, a church friend of both me and Pat. The wedding ceremony is marvelous, one of the best I have attended. In addition to the boring Fr. Chu of CMCC, they have a guest priest, Fr. Chau, from HK. His homily is so good that kept me awake by fusing Chinese culture nicely with the gospel. He even made a chinese poem using the name of the newly wedded couple. In tonight’s banquet, I thought we will assigned to sit with the church people. It turn out we sit with the Maryknoll table. Pat is so happy that she can hang out with fellow Maryknoll sisters and can introduce me as her boyfriend. There were dancing in the banquet, unfortunately me and Pat are haven’t learn the steps of ball room style music played before it turned into clubbing style. After the banquet, we went to bubble tea with the Maryknoll group and two LSC old boys who are friends to the group. We had some good time, and surprisingly I met Verona there. Oh, by the way one of the old boys is a handsome dentist happens to be single.

2 thoughts on “identity”

  1. Horace, why was this wedding better compared to others? Was it the better speeches? Pardon my ignorance, but who is Maryknoll?

  2. This wedding gives me a very grand feeling. The church is docrated really nice, got three arches in the aisle and have lots of flowers . When the newly wedded walking out after ceremony is finish, guests are handed mini bubble blower. The speech is really good as well, but that’s not the main reason.

    BTW, Maryknoll is the name of the highscholl Pat and the bride went to in HK.

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