made in korea

Thanks to a popular TV series, Dae Jang-geum, Korean culture is the most trendy topic in Hong Kong as well as the Chinese community in Vancouver. The show is about the first female royal physician in Korean history. I had only watched about 5 minutes of the show in total, and couldn’t understand why Pat and many of my friends are so addicted to this show. Luckily the show is finally finished, so no more bombardment from the media. Inspired by the glorified cooking of this show, me and Pat went to try out the Korean royal feast yesterday, . The meal has about twelve courses and took almost 2 hours to eat, kinda like fine dining served in Korean style. The food is pretty neat, very different from other Korean BBQ restaurants we are used to. Out of all the dishes, the ginseng tempura is most extra-ordinary. The dinner is not very expensive, comparable to having 3 courses in any bar and grill restaurants in downtown Vancouver. Highly recommended.

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